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What type of dog is this harness designed for?

A super soft dog harness with an easy fit design and clip buckle to secure. These dog harnesses are designed to fit smaller dogs, which includes anything from an extra small dog or puppy to a dog of around small spaniel or French Bulldog size. Please see the size chart below as a guide. We have a choice of red or pink harness in this style and you can order both from this page. 

What are they made from?

They combine a soft material with a fleece/fur type piping and a ribbed corduroy look. The inside is padded for comfort and has a soft plush feel. They are Ideal for puppies or smaller dog breeds from Chihuahua up to Spaniel. They are light and designed to be comfortable. Please see pics 1-3 in the gallery for simple fitting instructions.

As they are soft and well designed they will not cause chafing or rubbing, which can cause sores. These are extra soft dog harnesses designed for extra small dog breeds like chihuahuas (our xs and small sizes are very small) and up to spaniel or french bulldog size. There is quite a lot of adjustment in the chest/body strap so they are also ideal for dogs like pugs and those with wider chests.

These extra soft dog harnesses are a great, comfortable and lower cost choice and they put very little strain on the neck area. This helps dogs with throat problems as the pulling force is mainly distributed across the shoulders and chest.

Are they easy to fit?

Yes. To fit the harness, all you have to do is:

  1. Undo the buckle on the side of the harness
  2. Place the neck part over your dog's head (see Pic 1) so the black logo is on the dog's chest (see the Pic showing front view) and the silver d ring lead attachment is on top and at the centre of your dog's shoulders.
  3. Put one leg through the strap (see Pic 2) and then clip the buckle on the side to secure (Pic 3)

If the harness is too loose or too tight, please adjust the strap until it is tight but comfortable for your dog. As you walk your dog, the harness can move side to side slightly but should not be too loose that it rotates and moves to the side of the body.

Size chart

Size  Neck (cm / inches) Chest (cm / inches)
x small (v small chihuahua, puppy) 18 - 23 cm / 7 - 9 inches 28 - 33 cm / 11 - 13 inches
small (chihuahua, small yorkshire terrier) 23 - 28 cm / 9 - 11 inches 36 - 41 cm / 14 - 16 inches
medium (jack russell, shih Tzu) 28 - 33 cm / 11 - 13 inches 41 - 48 cm / 16 - 19 inches
large (cavalier spaniel, pug) 33 - 38 cm / 13 - 15 inches 48 - 58 cm / 19 - 23 inches
x large (spaniel / french bulldog) 38 - 43 cm / 15 - 18 inches 51 - 74 cm / 20 - 29 inches


Please use the size chart as a guide only. If you are looking for an extra small dog harness then our x small or small sized product should be a good fit. However, do check the size of your dog against the chart before ordering.

The harnesses can be washed by machine or hand at around 30 degrees and we would advise that you hang them on a line or radiator/airer to dry. We would not recommend that you do not use a tumble dryer.

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