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dog sofa beds with bolster

With these beds, the higher price tag means higher quality! Our memory foam pet beds are all handmade. Memory foam is more expensive than standard lower density foam and we only use the best materials.

We use two layers of foam - 1 top layer of memory foam and 1 bottom layer of high density foam, which offers better support than lower density foam.

We then add a water resistant membrane and hand sew to finish - this is fixed and cannot be removed. We then add the main covers and apply the best quality zips and stitching and then use an overlocker which creates a finished seam that will not fray or come apart easily. See the video below to see how the bed is constructed.

All prices include postage, packing and VAT. See the reviews in the reviews tab at the top of the page.

"I did wonder about these. My husband told me not to spend the money but they are worth every penny. Our girl is always on it now and the old bed is just left there. It must be cosy!" Ms Carlisle, Kent, UK

The fabrics we use for the beds

Fleece: A good quality polyester fleece which is soft and comfortable. This is a versatile fabric and ideal for dogs that may want to snuggle up on a slightly softer fabric. Available in red, brown, blue, pink and black.

Denim: Well, how many pets fall asleep on you when you wear jeans? So we came up with this great, tough 7oz denim design for our pet beds and the customers and pets love it.

Billie the boxer on the tough memory foam sofa bed

Tough material:

A tough but supple polyester fabric, which is a kind of 'bean bag' water resistant material. This is ideal for dogs that lead a more active lifestyle and may play or chew when in bed.

Please note: These covers are built to withstand wear and tear and some chewing but if your dog chews excessively, or destroys fabrics please cover the bed with an additional layer or think about an alternative. Available in Aubergine, Royal blue, cerise pink and red.

Leatherette: They are easy to clean, feel very luxurious, cost far less than real leather and cool to the touch. They are ideal for dogs that do very little scratching or chewing as the fabric will mark. However, it is quite tough and will be fine for general wear. Available in brown and black.


Availability:: Will only post to UK. These are handmade to order so please allow 10 -14 days.

So what type of bed are these?

They are loosely classed as sofa beds for dogs, as they offer a bolster cushion around the main mattress. The beds are designed for dogs up to small labrador. If you have a larger dog why not take a look at our other dog mattresses here.

What is a bolster cushion?

A bolster cushion is something that provides all round support and is usually at the sides and/or back of a bed, sofa or chair. In this case the bolster cushion is fixed to the main mattress with sewn-in velcro fasteners and can easily be removed at any time.

Can the covers be removed and washed?

Yes. The mattress covers can be removed and washed in a machine or by hand with the exception of the leatherette fabric. This fabric should be wiped clean only. The mattress and bolster covers have zips and can be easily removed for washing.

The covers can be re-applied after washing and attached to the main mattress using the velcro fasteners. There is a sewn-in white cover on the bolster and mattress part and this is fixed. This cannot be removed for washing but is there as an extra layer of protection and is water resistant.

What are the uses for these beds?

The beds can have the bolster attached at all times and placed in the desired location in your home. The bolster can also be removed and the mattress will then fit into a crate or in the back of the car.

How thick are the mattresses?

The x small mattress has 4 inches of total foam which comprises of 2 inches of memory foam and 2 inches of higher density foam. The small and medium beds have 5 inches in total and this consists of 2 1/2 inches of memory foam and 2 1/2 inches of higher density foam.

How big are the beds and which suits which dog?

The mattress sizes in inches are 24 x 18 inches, 30 x 20 inches and 36 x 24 inches. A bolster cushion will then add between 10 and 12 inches to the sides and 5 and 6 inches to the back. for example, the overall size of a x small dog sofa bed will be around 34 x 23 inches, the small bed will be 40 x 26 inches and the medium one will be around 48 x 30 inches so that is 48 inches wide (including bolster) and 30 inches deep (including bolster). As the bolster adds more width and depth:

  • the x small beds are big enough for anything from a Yorkshire Terrier to Pug and Westie.
  • the small beds will fit a Cavalier Spaniel to small Springer Spaniel
  • the medium beds will be good for anything up to a small labrador or boxer

Remember, this is just a guide and it really depends on how your dog sleeps and how much room you want it to have on the bed - and of course there is the point of how much space you have in the room! Please make a note of the mattress and full bed sizes before making a decision. Please note: Two images (in our image gallery) of boxer's on the pink and aubergine tough beds are medium size.

Can these beds aid recovery from surgery or with aches and pains?

Yes. They are great for all dogs that want a high quality of rest and sleep. They can also ease discomfort associated with arthritis and joint problems as well as animals recovering from surgery.


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