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A dog heat pad that is equally suitable for a cat, puppy and many other animals. This can create a heated pet bed on cold nights and is also ideal for whelping.

The mats work on a simple 12 volt supply and you just plug it into your normal 240 volt socket in your house. With an anti-chew cord and soft cover it is ideal to be placed in a pet bed, crate or any location where heat is required.

The cord disconnects from the plug lead which makes it easier to thread it through tight spots or in and out of crates etc.

You can even place it in the car and plug it into the standard cigarette/cigar lighter socket. This means that you can keep your dog or puppy warm when travelling to the vets or any other location on colder days. To see a list of common questions just click on the tab above.

"Been looking for a heated pet mat for Charles our Dachshund and this is just the thing for him. Turned it on two nights ago as it got a bit cold and he loves it." Brendan. Skye, UK

If your pet chews

Please always be aware of excessive chewing or scratching as this may damage the heated dog bed. However, we have added an armoured cover to the cable between the mat and the black adaptor.

heated mat showing anti chew protective cord

This means that the cable is protected from chewing while the pet is on the mat. If your pet constantly chews or destroys things in their bed, we would advise you to hide the heated pet pad under a blanket or existing layer on the bed.

If you see your pet chewing at the vinyl part, you should remove it immediately, Remember, most pets will never try to destroy a mat they can't see!

The white part of the cord (which is connected to the heat mat) is around 9-12 inches long and is designed to protect the inner cable.

Just to reassure customers, we have never received a complaint or received a return as a result of a pet chewing through the cord. However, always monitor your pet and remove the mat immediately if excessive chewing of the vinyl occurs.

What you get in the box 

If you take a look at the top image, you can see that we include the dog heat mat, removable (and washable) fleece cover, plug and lead, main cable to mat and car adaptor.

So, whether you are looking for a dog or puppy heat pad or a dog heat mat for your pet you can use these pads under an existing blanket or sheet to turn any bed into a heated dog bed. They are versatile, safe, low cost, easy to clean and great value. The mats are rectangle and most popular with dog owners. However they can also be used for cats and other animals. Please see the heated cat bed page to see our other related product.

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How Do The Heat Mats Work?

Just plug these rectangle 12 volt heated pet pads into your normal plug socket at home and keep your pets warm at all times.They are basically pet electric blankets which are ideal for dogs and cats and they work using a simple and safe coil system which gently heats up.

How Do I create Heated Dog Beds?

It is very easy to create a heated dog bed. All you have to do is place the heat mat under a blanket ir very thin cushion and you're done. So the heat pad can just be placed in your existing bed with a thin blanket over the top. This is all you need. 

How Big Is it?

These dog heat pads measure 43 x 33 cm so will fit into most beds or crates. They come with a good length of cable from the plug and also from the connector to the mat. The connector allows you to thread the cable through a small gap or hole in a crate or bed without worrying about routing the plug.

Are They Safe?

All mats follow strict manufacturing guidelines and meet safety standards. They carry the CE mark which basically certifies that a product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, to ensure consumer safety. We have added a bi-metal thermostat so the product will not overheat. We have also added an armoured cover to the cable close to the mat in case your pet tried to chew threw the cable. This product also runs off a safer (lower voltage) output of 12 volts. The materials used have flame retardant properties.

How Warm Does It Get?

The product has a built in thermostat so it will never go over 106 degrees F, which is just a few degrees higher than a dog's or cat's body temperature. This ensures that your pet stays warm at all times but does not overheat - it just feels that they have another animal close to them to keep them warm. This product is great for dogs, cats and other animals like indoor rabbits. They can also be used for whelping.

Can I Keep It On For Long Periods?

Most customers will switch the mats on a few minutes before bed time and then leave them on until morning. There is no problem with leaving the mats on for 12 hours or more, but we would recommend turning them off every 8-12 hours.

Are They Cheap To Run?

These heated pet mats have very low running costs. They give out around 24-28 watts of power so this is less than many light bulbs.

Can I Use It In The Car?

Yes, as they are a safe 12 volts they can be used in the car. They come supplied with an additional cigarette lighter adaptor which fits into you car socket. This means you can place the mat in a bed, crate or back of the car on cold journeys.

Can I Bend Or Fold The Mat?

The mats can be rolled or bent at the edges but we would suggest that you do this to work with the coil and not against it. It is advised not to bend the coil excessively. Normal wear and tear (and some bending at the edges to fit into a bed) will not cause an issue.



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