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memory foam beds for chihuahuas and small dogs

Beds come with just a mattress or with a removable bolster cushion. The price of £39.00 (as shown), refers to a xxx small bed without bolster and is the base price.

Please ensure that you measure the required area for your bed and decide on whether you would like a mattress and/or bolster.

Please see drop downs for other sizes, prices and bolster options.

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We only ship this product to the UK

"We wanted a very small bed for our tiny dog and this is perfect. The memory foam is quite thick and covers are so well made. Horace loves his." Ms Meakin, Suffolk

faux fur memory foam sofa bed for chihuahua and other small dogs

Availability:: Will post to UK residents only. As beds are handmade to order please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

Make your little pooch top dog by owning one of our unique chihuahua dog beds - these are small dog beds with a unique look and feel.

You can choose from 9 options for mattresses, which includes black or pink fleece, black or brown faux leather and pink faux fur. If you add a bolster, we automatically use the same fabric or material as the mattress.

How is the mattress put together?

Well, our chihuahua beds are classed as small dog beds and therefore don't need to be very thick, but we still believe in offering your furry friend a very good supportive place to sleep and rest.

This means a 2 inch memory foam top layer and then another 2 inch high density foam bottom layer. This gives true orthopedic support and comfort for your dog.

Why memory foam pet beds?

Even small dogs benefit from memory foam. Of course chihuahua's (as with many other breeds) are not excluded from developing joint problems, joint pain and canine arthritis and a good bed can help make your dog more comfortable and offer support throughout rest and sleep.

What materials are used for the mattress covers?

- A choice of leatherette (faux leather), fleece or faux fur. Both the leatherette and fleece materials are quite hard wearing but are not recommended if your dog scratches excessively.

The leatherette can be wiped clean and is water resistant. The fleece fabric is also good at repelling moisture and fleece fabrics tend to absorb only 1-3% of their total weight as water. The fleece can be hand or machine washed but we advise you to only wipe the leatherette fabric.

What are the choices for bolster cover fabrics?

- Choice of leatherette, fleece, faux fur or polyester. The leatherette material should only be wiped clean and not be hand or machine washed. The fleece and faux fur fabric can be hand or machine washed at around 30 degrees.

What is in the lining of mattress and bolster cushion?

- our chihuahua beds or small dog beds offer a water resistant polyester on all bolsters and under all mattresses.

We offer suitable fabrics with contemporary colours and all come fitted with high quality zips. If you decide to buy a bolster cushion these can be removed via velcro fasteners.

If you are looking for chihuahua beds or small dog beds, then why not treat your best furry friend to a snugglezzz bed. You'll be glad you did!


These beds have been designed for very small dogs. As the smallest mattress size is 12 x 9 inches it is rare for customers to order these on their own as they are only suitable for the smallest of dogs.

Please note: These beds are very small and come in two mattress sizes - 12 x 9 inches and 16 x 12 inches. A bolster cushion will add a further 8-10 inches width and 4-5 inches at the back so this gives you the option of taking the xx small with or without a bolster or a xxx small bed with bolster.

We do not recommend that you order a xxx small bed without a bolster as they are so small on their own - but don't let us tell you what to do. Just measure your dog and compare!

Some customers do order mattresses of this size but most opt to include a bolster to give it a unique small sofa look. Adding a bolster also gives your dog a secure surrounding cushion and extends the size of the bed at the sides and back. Please measure your dog before deciding on a bed.



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