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These oval shaped cat heat pads are basically electric blankets for your cat. Turn any bed into a heated cat bed by placing the mat in the bed and placing a sheet ot blanket over it. They can also be used for dogs and other animals that require heat during cold weather conditions or or to maintain the correct body temperature.

This style of mat is often used as a heated cat mat and you'll see from our product reviews that our feline friends (and their owners) seem to love them.

All you do is place the mat in a pet bed, cover it with a blanket and plug it into your normal socket at home.The supplied adaptor steps down your normal 240 AC voltage to 12 Volts DC - a safe current for your pet and one that costs the same as a standard light bulb to run. 

The cat heat pads can be left on all night and have an auto cut off system built in. This ensures that the mat remains safe and will never overheat. The mat will reach around 42 degrees C which is a warm, comfortable heat for most pets. 

"Our cat Suzie is impressed. She just cuddles up on her bed and knows when we are going to switch this mat on.... it does the job very well and she is purring away like a good en in no time"

What you'll find in the box

When you receive the cat electric blanket, it will arrive in a cardboard box as shown in the image. It will include the vinyl covered mat, a fleece cover (washable) with zip and a plug + adaptor. It also comes with a car adaptor so if you take your cat to the vets on a cold day you can keep it warm on the journey. There is no need to buy anything else. Just plug the heated cat bed into your standard home socket or in the environment of your choice, switch it on, place it under a thin blanket, existing bed, thin cushion or other fabric and it is ready to provide warmth for your pet.

It has an auto cut off sensor/thermostat which means it will never heat up to a point that is uncomfortable for your pet. This ensures that they stay comfortable throughout rest or sleep but do not over heat.

If your pet constantly chews things

If your pet chews excessively and destroys anything and everything then you should either buy a heavy duty metal heating element (available from other suppliers) or try to hide this mat from view.

anti chew cord fitted to cat electric blanketIf a pet can't see it, discover it, or has no real interest in it then it probably won't chew it. To help we have added an armoured cover to the cable from the black adaptor to the mat. You'll see from the image that it almost reaches the cover zip and this is usually sufficient at guarding the inner cables. This part is usually the only part in or around the bed area and so this is protected.

These heated cat mats are for pets that require a satisfying/comforting heat and can be used for whelping and are great to supply a constant warm heat to puppies and kittens.

They are also good for older cats, dogs and other animals that suffer from arthritis or other conditions associated with old age. 

They are also great in aiding recovery from operations and will keep your pet comfortable throughout rest, sleep and recovery. They will aid in adding heat to the muscles and other parts of the body to help relax your cat and to provide a warm and comfortable environment. The cord is split between a normal and anti chew part providing a reinforced cover to the electric lead. This reinforced part will be around 9-12 inches long. These mats are oval shaped and are most popular with cat owners. However, they can be used for dogs and other animals. Go to this page to view the range of heated dog beds



Please choose the correct plug for your country in the 'choose plug type ' drop down box. The mat comes with a FREE in-car adaptor too.

How Do The Heat Mats Work?

This is essentially a cat electric blanket, which can also be used in a dog bed or for other animals. You can just plug it into any socket at home and the included adaptor steps down the voltage. The pad is made of vinyl with an inner electric coil. It works in the same way as a human electric blanket but runs on a low 12 volts.

How Big Is The Heated Mat?

It is an oval electric cat heat pad measuring 39 cm x 31 cm with a washable fleece cover and white anti-chew cord. The mat will fit into most pet beds. Before ordering, please make sure the mat will fit by measuring your existing bed.

Are They Safe To Use?

Our cat heated mats carry the CE mark and follow strict manufacturing guidelines and safety standards. They have been certified to meet EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, to ensure consumer safety. We have added a bi-metal thermostat so the product so will never overheat. We have also introduced an armoured cover to the cable close to the mat in case your pet tries to chew threw the cable. This product also runs off a safer (lower voltage) output of 12 volts and has also been built using flame retardant materials.

How Warm Do The Mats get?

It will offer around 106 degrees F (42 degrees C) of comfortable heat which is just the right temperature to keep your pet warm, but without making it too hot.

How Long Can I Keep The Mat Switched On For?

A lot of people leave the mat on all night or for periods of around 8-12 hours at a time. This is quite safe and because the wattage output is around 25-28 watts it will not overheat.

How Much Do They Cost To Run?

These cat heat pads are very cheap to run (less than a standard light bulb), can be left on all night and are ideal for cats and dogs, puppies, kittens etc. The mat just plugs into your normal 240v plug socket at home and comes with your choice of plug. It runs on a safe low voltage of 12V DC and also provides a low cost solution.

Can They Be Used In The Car?

Yes, we supply the mats with a car adaptor so if you do transfer it to the car you just plug it into the cigar lighter. Your car runs off 12 v from the battery so there is plenty of power to heat the mat up.

Can The Mats Be Folded OR Bent?

The mat can be rolled in a direction that will not bend the inner heating coil. The mats are designed to be used flat but if they are slightly too large for a bed, bending it slightly at the edges will not damage the mat.



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